Kerala holiday attractions and Kochi airport luxurious apartments for rent today

Kerala vacation destinations and Kochi airport luxurious apartments for rent 2023? Kochi Airport was established in the year 1936 by the British Residency of Kochi Kingdom. There are two main bust stands, Angamaly Bus Depot and Aluva Rajiv Gandhi Municipal Bus Station from where you can get buses. Travelers can hire taxis or another available public transport to reach the bus stops. Roads are well linked to other major cities which facilitate you to complete your journey very comfortably. Renting a room near Kochi airport has a lot of advantages. Read extra details at Airbnb fort kochi.

Bekal: Located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, Bekal is among the most scenic hamlets you can ever visit while on a Kerala tour. A combined beauty of the mighty Arabian Sea and lush landscapes, this tiny, yet pictorial village is of utmost historical importance. The glorious Bekal Fort testifies this fact vividly. Serving as a perfect getaway from the concrete life, Bekal enjoys a pleasant climate while wearing a greener shade throughout the year. If you are yearning for silent, yet joyous holiday experience in Kerala, Bekal is the ideal hideout for you!

Bekal is especially known for its famous Bekal Fort, which is rated amongst the best places to visit in Kerala. Many Indian movies, like Rang De Basanti, are filmed in the fort premises. The sea breeze passing through your hair, the pleasant weather and good company are key ingredients to have a good time in Bekal. Owing to exotic beauty and serenity, Bekal is among the top three honeymoon places in South India. Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is one of the most active commercial cities and popular Kerala tourist places you can think of. The place is famous for its culture, historical sites, educational institutions, and culinary experiences. The architecture of the city has strong influences of the Dutch and the British. It is known for its authentic Malabar food and the exotic spices that make the food so delicious. When in Calicut, don’t miss on delicacies like Dum Biryani, Kallummakkaya, Chatti Pathiri, and Dal Halwa.

Munnar: Yet another gorgeous hill station in the lap of the fascinating Western Ghats, Munnar needs no introduction. Rising 1,600m above the sea level, a vacation in the beguiling locales of this hilly retreat is all about the lofty clouds, picturesque mountains, rolling hills, and a soothing ambience. Canopied mostly by never-ending tea plantations and lush forests, you simply cannot miss out Munnar while searching for the best tourist destination in Kerala. Be it during the summer or the winter, monsoon or the spring, Munnar will always make you crave for more!

Thekkady is simply heaven hidden in thick forests and wild vegetation and this is exactly what it makes one of the best forest tourist places in Kerala. You get to see the nearly extinct species of animals including tigers, sambars, gaurs, and lion-tailed macaques. Also, there are elephants, lions, deers, bison, boars, and the Great Indian tigers. Probably, the most favored among Kerala’s tourist places, Thekkady boasts of abundant beauty and exotic wildlife. Its trekking path from Moozhiyar to Thekkady Gavi is one of the most popular trails in South India. Boating and wildlife observation are two of the favorite pastimes in Thekkady.