Guatemala trips

Guatemala attractions: Guatemala is undoubtedly one of the outstanding countries for vacationing in Central America, a multicolored destination where living culture, Mayan history, nature, colonial cities, and its culinary syncretism position it as the best of the region.

Major Festivals in Guatemala : Jueves de la Ascencion at La Laguna de Chicabal in Quetzaltenango. La Laguna Chicabal is a lime-green lake, at 2712 m, in the crater of the extinct volcano of the same name. The Mayas believed the waters are sacred, and it is thought that if you swim in the lake, you will get ill. Ceremonies of Maya initiation are held at the lake in early May (40 days after Good Friday), known as Jueves de la Ascensión, and it’s celebrated with traditional music, flowers, and prayers at the Lake. Be respectful of the tradition, and you should not take pictures.

November 1st All Saints Day. November first is among the most important days of the year in Guatemala. During this day, we commemorate the Day of the Dead. This is a special event during which cemeteries are frequented and ornamented in reminiscence of family and friends. This is a union of ancient pagan beliefs, as well as the Catholic customs introduced over by the Spaniards within the XVI and XVII centuries. During this time, two significant festivities occur “the horse races in Todos Santos Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango,” and also the giant kites in Santiago and Sumpango Sacatepequez. Find more information at Vacations in Guatemala.

Other Guatemala attractions: Each village is known for something different, but visitors will find a variety of markets with local crafts. Over the years Atitlan has attracted many expats with an interest in alternative lifestyles. There are all kinds of spiritual or new age centers offering everything from yoga to metaphysical pursuits. There are also several places offering Spanish lessons, many of which are in unique and often rustic facilities where learning takes place in outdoor settings. Isolated Chichicastenango, known locally as “Chichi,” is a large town surrounded by valleys and mountains. The sleepy cobblestone streets come alive on Thursdays and Sundays as it hosts one of the largest and most hectic markets in Guatemala. This is a locals’ market, selling regular everyday goods, vegetables, and the distinctive textiles for which it is so famous, as well as tourist oriented trinkets. Vendors come from miles around for this market, making it a great opportunity for people watching.

Monterrico is a bit off the beaten path of Pacific coastal Guatemala. With beautiful black sand, volcanic beaches and far fewer faces than you’ll spot at some other beaches, it’s great for those looking for a true “escape” from reality. However, the Pacific currents and tides make for rough water and only very experienced swimmers should leave the safety of the beach to explore the waters of the ocean. If you’re into environmentalism and conservation, you can actively take part in saving a sea turtle by visiting one of the local sea sanctuaries (during the appropriate season) and help facilitate the release of baby sea turtles into the warmth and safety of the ocean. Find additional details at