Top destinations in Bhutan with Druk Air

Bhutan is an incredible location to visit, a magical ancient kingdom with beautiful scenery and a fantastic history. Gangteng Monastery: This is a very important temple in the Nyingmapa school of Buddhism. Black-necked cranes swoop around the building on their way to and from Tibet, and behind the temple, the Black Mountains rear into the heavens. Dating from the early 17th century, the temple stands in the village, looking down over the beautiful Phobjika Valley far down below.

Mountain biking is an adventurous eco-friendly sport and Bhutan has outstanding trails with vivid landscapes for every biking lovers. Being a culturally and naturally rich place, you can paddle through the rugged terrain, climb and descent through many villages while taking a peek into local lifestyle. You can enjoy this thrilling activity mainly in places such as Paro Valley, Phobjikha Valley, Punakha, Tongsa, Wamrong, Wangthang La and many other locations in Bhutan. However, it is not just the uneven roads you can embark on traversing the beautiful backdrops of Bhutan, in fact, through this expedition, one can also witness the Buddhist culture and visit the monasteries that pass the tracks. Mountain biking, undoubtedly is the best way to see, feel and enjoy the destination with fun and ease.

Resting deep in the cradle of the Himalayas is a magical kingdom with beautiful scenery and fantastic history. It’s not a fairytale, but a wonderful visual delight is waiting for you to come and visit. The peaks of the mountains are high and steep, but you don’t have to climb over them. You can fly through the air on the wings of a Drukair flight to reach this beautiful Shangri-La. See more info at Druk Air.

Dochula Pass is a beautiful pass consisting of 108 Chortens or Stupas, built in the memory of the Bhutanese soldiers who died in a war against the insurgents from India. The beautifully built temple and stupas, with the picturesque Gangkar Puensum peak in the background, makes the Dochula Pass one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bhutan. Dochula pass is situated at on the way to Punakha and Thimpu. This very pass is a popular location for every tourist who visits the country. From the pass, you can have a panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range, and you must know the view is very beautiful from the top. You will get to see the snow covered mountains and the amazing backdrop of the place. So many Bhutanese families enjoy their holidays in this area, they have small picnics, and some just come here to enjoy the view. You can have pack your lunch and have tea in a flask and come here to enjoy the food and hot tea.