An awesome island : Majorca

Mallorca is a gorgeous Mediterranean island, close to Spain, with awesome weather, stunning landscape and delicious food. The biggest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is part of Spain but has a more rugged landscape and otherworldly life quality. Mallorca attractions, the subject of today.

This lovely little town is tucked away in an idyllic valley, surrounded by beautiful scenery of olive groves and citrus orchards that leads to the sea. The famous Soller Train takes tourists on a ride through the gorgeous landscape. Visitors can also reach Soller by train from Palma de Mallorca. The ride is enjoyed from a classic Old World railroad car. The town has several important historic monuments including the 14th-century parish Church of Sant Bartomeu, a monument dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Sa Capelleta Monastery off Lluc road. Outside the town, beyond the Coll de Soller hillside, is Alfabia Palace, the site of a Moorish Vizier’s residence. The property’s splendid gardens flourish with fragrant lemon and orange trees, date palms, and bamboo plants. The palace was designed in Baroque style and contains valuable furniture and paintings. Nestled into the valley, the Port of Soller has a picturesque marina with the verdant hillsides as a backdrop. Many small boats and yachts are moored in the marina.

The town of Soller in the west of Mallorca became wealthy because of the valley’s abundant citrus groves. In the 19th century, when the area was isolated from the rest of Mallorca by mountains, the oranges were shipped to France from the nearby west coast Port de Soller . Many locals went to work in France and returned – their fortunes duly made – to build some of the handsome Modernista properties that grace this town today. The opening of the Soller road tunnel means that the town now has good access to the rest of Mallorca; an alternative is the snaking mountain pass (not for those who suffer from vertigo). Take the popular excursion to Soller, on the old wooden train, leaving from its quaint station in Palma’s Plaza de Espana. The 28 km journey is on a narrow-gauge line opened in 1911, for the transportation of fruit to Palma. It’s a very picturesque journey once you’ve left the suburbs of Palma behind.

If there’s one thing we definitely recommend doing when visiting Mallorca, it is renting a car. (A real car, not a plastic beach car, although you could do that too). There is so much more to explore on this island than the beach in front of your resort! Although there is a bus system that works perfectly fine, it doesn’t allow as much flexibility and car rentals are cheap, so why not? If there’s one drive you do, make it this one! It was sensational and by far one of our favourite things to do in Mallorca. Coming from the girl who gets terribly car sick and pregnant, these hairpin turns didn’t stop me from ooing and ahhing at the amazing scenery that was around every (sharp) corner. Roaming animals, sea views, mountain plains, cliff faces and glistening lakes were just a few things we encountered along the way. Set off early in the day and allow at least an hour to reach the bottom as you’ll be stopping more than once, that we can assure you!

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